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Intelligence Bureau Jobs in 2020:

Those candidates who want to service their country and love the investigation departments, then they can apply for IB Jobs on this page.Intelligence Bureau is a an organization which helps the civil government to safe guard their county civil departments and help Pakistan to increase stability in the country. ดาวน์โหลด gclubBeing the top security agency, Intelligence Bureau needs to recruite people who are good at working in challenging environments to safe guard the national security and and stability of Pakistan. Official interviews and screening tests/examintions are conducted by NTS on behalf of Intelligence Bureau and help them to get professional skilled candidate to this hiring process. They have currently posted advertisements of jobs for candidates living in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar and all other cities of Pakistan.

How to Apply for IB Jobs? 

Candidates who wants to apply for IB Jobs but they do not know about the procedure of application. They can follow the procedures we have listed on this page to easily apply for the job application. Also you can directly apply through NTS official website nts.org.pk by making an account on NTS website. After you will the online form, you will be provided with your roll number slip to sit in your examination for recruitment in IB. Shortlisting of deserving candidates will be done and interviews will be conducted by a panel of HR department of Intelligence Bureau. All candidates will be evaluated on the basis of their educational and behavioral competency. In the final interview, questions regarding your qualification can be asked and they can also test your potential by asking you different functional questions. If you succeeded in your final interview questions and correctly answered all the questioned you have a chance to be selected as the next employee of Intelligence Bureau.


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About Intelligence Bureau:

Intelligence Bureau is a state-owned organization in Pakistan which works as a civilian intelligence agency to safe guard the civilian government and its policies. Intelligence Bureau was made by the Major General of the British Army, who was the head of this department in 1885 at Shimla. At the time of Independence of Pakistan, IB was given to Pakistan, which was located in Karachi after independence of Pakistan. IB is the first and oldest Intelligence agency of Pakistan and is the only agency working after the independence with responsibility of foreign intelligence and strategies to protect our Pakistan from any internal and external threats. Since IB was failing in the matters of foreign intelligence and is good in the country’s internal security two other intelligence agencies were latter formed to tackle the foreign threats to Pakistan, those two agencies are Military Intelligence (MI) and ISI. Appointments, meetings, and supervisions of IB are done by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

List of Available Vacancies (Update)

Below is a list of available vacancies in Pakistan. You can apply for them on this website easily.

  1. Driver
  2. Assistant
  3. Lady Welfare Officer
  4. Assistant Director
  5. Constable
  6. Assistant Director Networking
  7. Assistant Executive Engineer
  8. Assistant Director
  9. Civil Engineer
  10. Librarian

Salary and Perks:

Doing job in IB provides you some good salary and other benefits which help you to enjoy your life with your family members. Beside good salaries given by IB in Pakistan the following perks/benefits are also given to the candidate working in IB.


  • Residential accommodation with family
  • Education for children of any age
  • Scholarships for children
  • Retirement benefits and perks
  • Traveling allowances
  • Medical allowances

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